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Song with local appeal – Things So Singaporean

2009 July 27
by Victor TAN

A big thank you to everyone who alerted The Sunday Times about “Things So Singaporean“! I also like to thank lancerlord who got it tomorrow-ed and everyone who had blogged about this song. Without your involvement, we wouldn’t have been able to get this song noticed.

It is heartening to read the positive comments on ST Interactive, Facebook group and Youtube. Though it is a failed attempt to make this an NDP song, at least we had got it covered in the main stream media! Thank you everyone for your support 🙂

Extracted from The Sunday Times:

Indeed, an online campaign has started to make Things So Singaporean official.

Public officer Victor Tan, 28, who heard about the song through a former colleague, was sufficiently moved by it to set up a Facebook page called ‘Let’s make Things So Singaporean one of the songs of NDP 2009!‘.

“I really have an emotional connection with it and the first time I heard it, it really pulled my heartstrings,” he says.

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