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My first ZIN training!

2011 July 18

The good thing about being a Zumba Instructor in Asia  is the free ZIN training we get! Attended my first ZIN  (Zumba Instructor Network) training with Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Michael Thomas at Zumba Studio @*Scape on Sunday morning and we started off with a masterclass on ZIN 32 and 33!

ZIN 32 Sneek Peek

ZIN 33 Sneek Peek

Of course, it’s also a great time to catch up with our Zumba Friends from other “camps” and getting to know more like minded people! The only problem I had was the location – It was rather small to hold more than 50 instructors. At one point, I was forced to the corner cos of a travelling move and everyone were happily moving in big steps.

At the rate that the Zumba Instructors is growing and the mandatory rule of attending 2 out of 3 ZIN training, we will probably need an Air-conditioned Hall the next time. Maybe someone should go and kawan kawan with People’s Association. Haha.

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