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Love Cuts 割爱 – 有了癌,还有爱吗?

2010 September 2

With Zoe Tay and Kenny Ho

I had the privilege to attend the Gala Premiere of “Love Cuts“, a breast cancer awareness movie starring Zoe Tay and Kenny Ho on 31 Aug 2010. It was a star-studded evening where local celebrities like Felicia Chin, Dai Yang Tian and Joi Chua were there to support the Queen of Caldecott Hill!

The Production Team and Main Cast

The Production Team with the Main Cast

I shall not be a spoiler here, but I swear this is the first time that I ever cried while watching a movie! I teared for three times when I was watching Love Cuts in fact! I could hear audiences opening the tissue packs that were provided by the organisers simultaneously at a several scenes. So do remember to bring along a pack of tissue paper when you are catching Love Cuts as tissue packs are not provided during normal screening. 🙂

Do you know that early detection of breast cancer can save lives? It is recommended that women above 50 should go for regular mammography. In fact, I would encourage you to get your parents to go for regular health screening if they are above 40 years old. Health Screening can help reduce the risk of complications of diseases, and might even save one’s life. If you need more details Health Screening, they can be found at

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  1. September 11, 2010

    From: Robin Hood
    Date: Saturday, September 11, 2010, 12:23 PM




    不知道什么叫做「因为把乳房等同于爱的源头」,这句话有语病,写成 ‘乳房象徵爱的源头’,不是更乾脆俐落吗?


    你又来了。任你那一种题材,处理得不好,一样 「容易陷入框架,变成老套」,就像你的文章一样,写不好就是写不好,那有说写八卦新闻就比写影评更容易或不易 ‘变成老套’的?端看写的人是谁而已!


    什么叫做 「看不出家人之间的相处,相待」?看来你是要说 ‘看不出家人之间的相处相待有什么感人的地方’吧?写文章用心一点好不好?!


    「已经无法带戏,而必须靠戏带人的时候」这句话有严重的语病,应把「的时候」这三字删掉。其实无甚佳作的岂只郑惠玉而已--你不也是吗?相信很多读者都和我一样,‘明知有圈套,还是硬往圈套里掉’(应作‘跳’解,你又写错了),明知你的文章差劲也不得不看,无他,你霸占了早报有限的版位,既不知求进步,我们赶你又赶不走,你当然可以把我们的‘失望也大’解成是因为我们的 ‘要求高’,但请扪心自问,这些日子我费尽力气‘拉拨’你,可你又下过多少功夫来自我提升呐!


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