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Love Amplified!

2008 November 30
by Victor TAN

It was a night a great performances, though I personally felt that the programme sequence was kinda… erm.. unique…

I really love the acts by Hossan and the Dim Sum Dollies… They never failed to make me laugh! Stefanie Sun’s vocal was flawless!

There was this dance, which I couldn’t see the dance moves having connection with HIV/AIDS other than the repeated “I had sex with XXX” with the music, had lost me. I think the school kids from Dancebeatz did a much better job!

Anyway, I had a migraine this morning and a relapse during the concert. How lucky right? Since I couldn’t move myself due to my migraine attack in the morning, I was rushing to dig the picnic mat and get out of the house when I felt better…. and I forgot to bring my “Cover Me” t-shirt!

We had some shopping at Plaza Singapura before the concert and made out way up at about 6.30pm. Managed to find a good spot and claimed a huge area for our pseudo picnic! Here are some pictures taken at the event…

Food from Plaza Singapura

Wee Wen, Xiuhui, Me and Qiquan

Me and Chan Yeng

More pictures have also been uploaded to my Facebook account!

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  1. December 1, 2008

    ok lemme digest the dance routine for u.

    i m esther, i had sex with peter.

    i m david, i had sex with joanne.

    i m joanne, i had sex with peter.

    i m amy, i had sex with david.

    i m esther, i had sex with amy.

    i m amy, i had sex with peter.

    i am peter. i have AIDS.

    – basically to tell the whole cycle of casual sex etc. 🙂

    good thing you didnt mention about hazy and his stupid joke. 😛

  2. Victor TAN permalink
    December 1, 2008

    I know it is about causal sex and HIV but the dance moves doesn’t?

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