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Are you seeing HIV/AIDS through Pixlated eyes?

2009 November 30
by Victor TAN

Dr Chua Thiam Eng of Cambridge Clinic:

It’s not the fear of death, it’s the fear of getting HIV because it’s the social stigma they cannot withstand.

Due to social stigma, a lot of people with high-risk sexual behaviour do not want to get tested. Did you know that more than 90% of people living with HIV in Singapore are adults in the prime working ages of 21 to 59 years? It is not possible to know if someone has HIV/AIDS by looking at him or her.

Regular HIV testing can help an infected person to be diagnosed at an earlier stage of infection. Early diagnosis can afford a person earlier access to care and treatment, and also allow the person to receive counselling on how to protect their partners from infection. The person can still contribute to society and work and lead a normal life.

“Pixelated” by Jack & Rai is a song dedicated to World AIDS Day 2009. Through this song, we hope that everyone should not look at HIV/AIDS through pixelated eyes. Learn more about HIV/AIDS to protect yourself and your love ones and show your care and concern for people living with HIV.

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