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Do I need a Credit Card?

2010 August 1


If you know me in person long enough, you will know that I have a wallet full of credit cards.

No, I am not someone who loves to spend on credit, but I find it particularly useful when it comes to enjoying privileges when it comes to dining and 0% installment plans when purchasing an uber big ticket item. What’s more, you can also gain points, cash-back or even airline miles.

I’ve been a happy Citibank customer since 2006! To date, I am still very impressed by their customer service. There was once where I was supposed to go overseas on the next day and my Citibank DIVIDEND Card was faulty. A smile lighted up on my face when they told me that they will courier a replacement card to my place on the same day of the faulty card report.

Citibank DIVIDEND Card

Of the credit cards that I hold, my favourite is still the Citibank DIVIDEND Card. This is my first credit card and I’ve been using it as my primary credit card!

I am one of those people who are lazy to convert my points into shopping vouchers, so the Citibank DIVIDEND Card makes perfect sense for me.

While I am missing out is the 5% cash-back on petrol and additional 14.5% at Esso Petro stations as I don’t drive, I am getting 2% cash-back from the dining places (on top of the spread of Dine-for-free specials, complimentary treats and year-long offers at over 1,000 locations offered by Citibank Gourmet Pleasures) and 0.5% on all other spending which includes my Telco bills.

Other Citibank Credit Cards

Of course, different people have different needs and redemption preference – Be it cash-back, rewards points, SMRT$ or airline miles, there is a Citibank Credit Card for everyone.

So which Citibank Credit Card suits you more? Try the Credit Card Recommender to find out!

Citibank One-Bill

Are you one of those who pay your telco bills using the AXS machine and most of the time you have to queue for one? Well, I guess I am smarter here – I use the Citibank One-Bill service. Apart of reducing the need to queue up for the AXS machine or writing cheques, I can still get my 0.5% cash-back on my telco bills.

Citibank Gourmet Pleasures

The Citibank Gourmet Pleasures offers a spread of Dine-for-free specials, complimentary treats and year-long offers at over 1,000 locations! Great for a foodie like me!

Sign up for Citibank Credit Card now via

If you are intending to get a Citibank Credit Card now, I have a piece of good news for you. By signing up through this link , you stand to gain more than signing up via Citibank website or offline sign-ups.

Comparatively, offline signups will not get any vouchers and online signups will only get to enjoy a $20 Marina Bay Sands voucher Wisma Atria voucher and 2 chances in “Win with Citi” promotion.

Click here to sign up now! Promotion has ended!

It’s all about making your money working harder for you. 🙂

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