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Bangkok! Here I come!

2009 December 27

Picture 129

Finally waiting for my flight to Bangkok (BKK)! Was rushing some long-overdue work  till 12.30am and had to wake up at 4am to catch my 7.10am flight! The good thing is I will be able to sleep well tonight, but I just hope that I don’t get a migraine attack.

Feeling excited now, I mean, FINALLY I am feeling excited about this trip. Just got an email from Fabian that we will be heading over to Chatuchak together after I have settled my accommodation!

I think BKK is turning into a mini Singapore. Everyone seems to be heading there or already there now! Saw my colleague’s facebook update last night on the cool tees that she saw at Chatuchak. One of them is the “Facebook Addict” tee – I am so getting to HUNT that tee lor!

Picture 145

Remember the Samsung Food Photography workshop that I have attended previously? The folks from Samsung and Edelman were kind enough to loan me a Samsung Pixon 12 to complete the review! Will bringing the set with me to shoot the yummy food! To date, I am quite impressed by the camera of Samsung Pixon 12.

I am probably going to tweet as I roam around in BKK with Jayden, Fabian, Nadnut and “Ching Chong Boy” (aka CCB), provided I can get the 3G prepaid service! Yay!!!

BKK, here I come!!!

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