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Ah Kong – A short film on dementia by Royston Tan

2010 September 29

Have you watched “Ah Kong“, a short film on dementia by Royston Tan, yet? Dementia is an illness that is relative more common among elderly aged above 65.

In Royston Tan’s Short Film “Ah Kong“, the grandfather was once a fit young man who mesmerised a lot girls in his village. While he can remember everything in the past, he is having problems connecting with the present. I personally thought the song “我不管你是谁” (which means “I don’t care who you are”) is very appropriate for “Ah Kong” – Dementia can happen to anyone.

Rather than getting frustrated with the grandfather for the inability to connect with the present, the grandson actually played along with the grandfather in the last scene of “Ah Kong“. Dementia patients tend to imitate the emotions of the people around him. If the grandson had gotten frustrated with the grandfather, it was likely for the grandfather to imitate his emotions.

While there is no cure for dementia, early detection can slow down the deterioration of the brain’s ability. Studies have also shown that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of developing dementia. Do check out the 10 warning signs of dementia at HPB Online. If you suspect that you or your loved one has dementia, there are helplines available on the webpage too.

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