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2010 May 31

Stumbled upon this old TCS MTV “豪情笑江湖” on Youtube when I was looking through Fann Wong’s MTV.

If you don’t know or haven’t know, I was once in her Fan Club Committee for about 3 years.

This is the theme song for the then TCS Drama Serial 笑傲江湖 based on a novel written by 金庸 and the story setting was in ancient China.

To me, this song is very close to heart and strikes a cord with me – The real working world seems to be like the pugilistic world.

Of course, I didn’t realise this after 3 years of FANNatic life, 2.5 years of National Service and 6 years of work life. Just happened to hear this song and that brought back lots of memories.


滚滚巨浪 红尘纷乱 淘尽英雄汉
笑里藏刀 人心难料 无奈世态皆炎凉
知音难寻访 痴心愁断肠 多情总被无情伤
风云多变幻缘聚又缘散 浮生如梦一场欢

人生漫漫路遥长 看透繁华落尽见真章
豪情肝胆照 千杯醉难倒 伴我逐浪迎风笑

人生漫漫路遥长 看透繁华落尽见真章
豪情肝胆照 千杯醉难倒 伴我逐浪迎风笑

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