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当我知道你们相爱 by Derrick Hoh (何维健) is now available on SingTel AMPed!

2011 January 28

Did you know that SingTel AMPed has just expanded its music library to more than two million tracks through their new agreement with Warner Music and EMI in Singapore? SingTel AMPed customers will now be able to download music by popular artistes such as Bruno Mars, Linkin Park, Katy Perry, Madonna, Derrick Hoh, Jolin Tsai and Jam Hsiao.

This new agreement came really timely as I was just about to see if I could get a copy of 何维健 aka Derrick Hoh’s new album after hearing so much about his rendition of Aaron Kwok’s classic hit “当我知道你们相爱”! As I am a SingTel 3G iFlexi plan customer, SingTel AMPed is available at no cost to me and the downloads do not incurring any data charges! I can also download up to 15 Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free music everyone!

If you are a SingTel customer, do check out the SingTel AMPed website for more information!

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